A little bit about myself

I am Columbian, I was born in the country of eternal spring, my beautiful Columbian. My taste for literature began at age 13 when a book called "the Nazarenes' José Milla (Guatemalan author) I found at home. I living in reading, and this book you pursued many more.

My family, every one of you know that I love them and I think of you in everything I do. Thank you for being my family and be with me all these years.

MOM, thanks for inherit me and teach me the feelings more beautiful that you can have. Thank you for your nobility, its simplicity, his selflessness, his dedication. Clear that we realize, fills us with his love and every thing does for us. You always think of others before that in yourself and you are the perfect MOM we have the joy of having. The amo mamita linda, thank you for supporting me and let me cry on her shoulders, thank you for all these years by his side, thank you for being my mother.

Dad, thank you very much for teaching me to not be afraid. Responsible, hardworking, brave. Thank you always fight for us with all his strength. Thank you for these reeds that my eyes have seen painted in their hair and their beards. Thank you by inherit me (among other things) the taste by writing. Took a bit to find it, but it is wonderful. I know you understand me. Oh, and it has happened to me what was happening with my mom when you wrote lol, but that does not tell it here. I love Daddy, thank you for making of my a good person, done and right as it is here.

My friends, thank you for encouraging me and appreciate what I write, his words have helped me much. And even if you do not place their names and surnames, you know how grateful I am with you.