The great spiral of human development has its major and minor sub-circles. The largest, started at the age of ten, reaches its culmination to sixteen, to then engage five years more towards the overall maturity level. The sixteen-year-old boy has no more than stand on foot tips, virtually, to see the horizon of adulthood. It is something like a preadulto.

The own society you agree their awards to this growing maturity through different standards, customs and laws. The attitude of parents, teachers and tutors undergoes subtle changes when they warn the growing maturity of the young person. The Exchange takes place virtually on an equal footing. The sixteen-year-old boy has a mind more owner of itself, because it is better organized and controlled.

Fifteen were a necessary step. It is paved the way for the largest and best balanced of the conduct of the young man of sixteen integrations. With this advantage, it now displays greater confidence in itself and a deeper burn. The whole faith in itself is the most characteristic feature of this age, and the symptom of their latent abilities.

Is more tolerant with all the world in general. It tends to accept life as it can be found. In case of get a visit unexpected, can surprise to his family by the cordiality displayed and the nonchalance almost adult with that it receives.