You need to develop a card with have fully unique qualities, for the **Mis Quince** the same way as their favorite people. These cards are offered with lots of greetings to make them interesting, besides this pose different textures and finishes-by not talk about a wide range of feelings. It's simple to locate suitable for that special date card as the fifteen are.

It is a too important time in the life of every woman. The party, dress, gifts, friends, friends, family, everyone waiting for the wonderful date that together will share and celebrate.

Fifteen years of history

This little flame you see, is that maybe, might tell you again how much I love you, and watching in the eyes, you can see the sobs of this girl who is dressed in female

With these candles I tell you brother,

you are very important in my life,

I know that I am your spoiled little girl,

Although sometimes don't tell me.

This little flame you see

is the way in which maybe

I can tell you again how much I love you,

and looking me in the eye, you can see the tears,

This girl who is dressed in female.

Remember every moment of your life,

which although not already come to be your consent,

always I'll be your sister

and always I will tell you how much I love you.

Invitations That Inspire

Here are some ideas to *make your invitations*.

After talking in our last special of all the details necessary to start working on your invitations, I'd give you more tips on invitations... Quinceañera invitations

With the confidence of recounting with great creative "dedicated to the design of communication for events, and a printing press with more than ten years of experience, we can assert that all project communication, is singular, no event is the same as another, and none is more essential than another. Why is that through our samples of cards of fifteen years, or other events, you can estimate and select something that you appear suitable, you can be more also with adapted designs.

Each and every one our designs have a point in common, namely the hierarchy. This is our message for quinceañeras or well organizers as events.

Ask for our advice, and we will probably find suitable graphic piece for your celebration.

Look for a design of a 15-year card that will make your guests smile.

French Fifteen Invitations

Hoy comienza otra etapa, otros caminos, otros sueños…

atrás quedaron imborrables recuerdos y se forjaran otros,

hoy la fantasía se hace realidad….mis 15 años asoman.

Quince años, mezcla rara dulce y hermosa.

Edad de ensueños, emociones y nuevas experiencias.

Porque son parte de mi vida, y porque simplemente los quiero,

los invito a compartir… La noche de mis sueños. Te espero.

Hoy en mis quince años quiero que estés conmigo

y compartir junto a vos este inolvidable sueño.

Hoy empieza una nueva etapa de mi vida

y quiero vivirla con el cariño constante de Dios y de mi familia.

Cumplo mis15 años; 15 años llenos de amor, alegrías y tristezas…

y quiero que en esta noche tan significativa para mi me acompañes asistiendo a mi fiesta.

Hoy cumplo 15…el tiempo paso volando.

Tengo mezcla de emociones: Alegrías y temores.

Gracias a Dios hoy puedo compartirlo con vos. ¡¡Te espero!!