Here we leave some phrases that you put in your invitations:

Today I am 15 years which have brought me sorrows, joys and dreams,

today I want to embrace life and share with you this illusion.

I want to spread my wings to the sky and save the flight in my heart.

Why you hope to share the day tonight...

Do not let me down!

Today a few days of my 15 years

I want to share these moments that I left my childhood with you, you

and continue to share every moment of my life.

Because I accompany from the childhood

because we share good, bad and unforgettable moments

because for my're a little person who will always be in my heart,

I want to share with me this party is going to be unforgettable... If you these hehe!

Do not let Me down... I will be waiting for you!.

How they are my 15 years?...

like my illusions, magic, they fly

as a stage of my life, which starts today and I want to share with you.

Why you hope...

In blue tonight I can touch the stars with my hands and ask them borrowed heaven, to give one to the family and friends that I love most.

Vos these including come and find that star in the home of my dreams!.

Today begins another stage, other roads, other dreams...

gone are indelible memories and others, will forge

Today the fantasy is made reality.. .my 15 years loom.

Fifteen years, mix rare sweet and beautiful.

Age of dreams, emotions and new experiences.

Because are part of my life, and because simply the want to,

those invited to share... The night of my dreams. You hope.

Today in my 15 years I want to that you're with me

and share with you this unforgettable dream.

The sky is dressed with my dreams,

the Sun today was born for me,

the moon moved to my smile,

and in my chest, a new beat.

I am the fairy of the fifteen illusions, tomorrow depends on me.

My anxiety already spread its wings and the world pushes me to live.

In blue tonight, I can touch the stars with my hands,

I can ask them borrowed heaven

and deliver them one by one to my dearest family,

and my most sincere friends you these... between them.

So I want to you to come to find your star,

the meeting which I will offer on the occasion of my 15 years.